Groomingdales Luxury Pet Products

Product Testimonials

We have allowed our pets to try out some products from our local pet stores. The products listed below have earned the Groomingdales Luxury Pet Products Seal Of Approval.

  • I really like the new food I am getting it is Blue Buffalo Longevity! Only problem is I’m eating it so fast my bowl stays empty quite a bit. O well! Princess Caroline also likes it, she eats her whole bowl too! – Princess Stefanie
  • I picked out my own toy at Orvis! It is my new favorite toy! I always have to bring my green monkey to my humans when they get home. I love to show it off and shake it around!- Bam Bam
  • The human cleaned my tank today, She used loose carbon from Marineland. I hope it works! – Johnnie Turtle
  • The Humans provided me with a new and larger home (aquarium) from Marineland. They got me a 27 Inch Cube! It’s square and gives me lots of room to swim. The tank came with a really neat stand and light. It is an LED light and at night it has a blue LED light that provides just enough light to make it feel like the moon is overhead. They also got me a new tree and rock to sit on. I knock over the tree though. – Johnnie Turtle
  • The humans used Whisker City tear-less water-less shampoo on me. They made me smell like a vanilla bean. I stink now, but they keep telling me I smell soooooo good. They tried to get Princess Caroline too but she was too fast. I need to learn to be a little quicker next time. – Princess Stefanie
  • We had our Yummies on Sunday. We liked the Halo Spot’s Stew Chicken Soup. It was very Tasty! I even ate the peas! Meow- Princess Stefanie
  • Last night I had some Simply Nourish Chicken and Duck Yummies it was good! I prefer Just chicken though! – Princess Caroline
  • My tank was cleaned today! I’m super happy to have nice clean water. The humans used bio-magnet and declor-it. Hopefully my water will stay clean for a while. – Johnnie Turtle
  • I love my new food Blue Buffalo Wilderness chicken flavor. I dump it all over the floor then I eat it. Yum! – Princess Stefanie
  • Dinner today was Blue Buffalo Bistro’s Beef Bourguignon. It was delicious!- Princess Caroline
    Princess Caroline and I are enjoying our new treats Friskies Crispies. They are salmon flavored yum! – Princess Stefanie
  • I love the Cat-Genie litter box. It’s always clean and smells good when we have to go. I was a little scared at first but now I love it. I love to watch it flush into the human’s magic well. – Princess Caroline
  • I like the new litter box. Sometimes I’ll sit inside while it’s spinning around… until the claw comes down and the water starts to fill it up. – Princess Stefanie
  • I love my new collar!! It helps me see in the yard at night. And, I look really cool with it flashing. – Chevy
    I really like having my tank cleaned! I get to be out of the tank and hide under the couch. It is always so fresh and clear after a good cleaning- Johnnie Turtle
  • I am a princess and I demand only the best! Groomingdales Luxury Pet Products!- Princess Caroline

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